Separation Anxiety

Children can feel afraid when saying goodbye. This is a normal stage of emotional development, but makes it hard for parents to leave their children with someone else. Separation anxiety is usually seen from infancy to the age of 3. The good news is that separation anxiety will pass.

Examples of things you can do as a parent to make leaving more manageable:
Practice at home, prepare and practice, create a routine, set limits and stick to them, have him/her distracted.

I understand it’s difficult for you to leave your child behind when he or she is upset. Try to leave without showing too much how hard it is for you as well. Keep in mind that in the end, this will be better for the child and will help with getting used to the process of saying goodbye.

If the separation anxiety is very heavy, increases or does not decrease after the age of 3, we strongly recommend to consult a professional. It’s important to extinguish the separation anxiety at a certain age to not cause further developmental problems.

Don’t lose hope!

Marlieke & Muna 🙂

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