Insecurities as a parent

Everyone feels insecure sometimes – that’s perfectly normal. Showing your vulnerability to your child can help  in many ways. However, as a parent it is important to keep this insecurities under control. We need to be aware of our insecurities, and not let them lead us. Being anxious and worried all the time and project this on your child will create – not surprisingly – an anxious child.

Noticing this tendency in yourself is the first step. Try to recognize the situations in which you feel insecure or anxious, and what it is exactly that makes you feel this way. Talk about your insecurities. To family, friends, even a professional. Sometimes unloading your baggage can even be enough. Hearing you are doing well as a parent, and realize everyone makes mistakes – even the parents that seem to be doing everything perfect.

We are always comparing ourselves to other parents who usually appear to be ‘perfect parents’. Don’t forget people are selective in what they post on social media. If they are having a bad day, had a huge fight with their teen, they will not post this online. So remember: everything you see online is ‘biased’.

A lot of parents in the UAE left their home country and thereby their social- and support network. With the aim to help you meet other parents, socialize, exchange experiences, etcetera, we arrange parent support groups for both moms and dads. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Marlieke & Muna 🙂

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